Anne-Edgar WILKE

Anne-Edgar WILKE

PhD student

I am a PhD student since 2019 at the Institut de mathématiques de Bordeaux, in the number theory team. I am also a member of the CANARI team, in the INRIA centre of the University of Bordeaux. My areas of interest are parametrisations of isomorphism classes of number fields of a given degree by integral orbits of prehomogeneous representations, enumeration algorithms derived from such parametrisations, and reduction theories for actions of arithmetic groups on algebraic varieties. My thesis defense will take place in the course of 2024.


Publications and preprints

  1. Convexity, plurisubharmonicity and the strong maximum modulus principle in Banach spaces. Confluentes Mathematici 15 (2023) 83-106. [DOI]
    Preprints in French and in English: HAL:03826500, HAL:03826538, arXiv:2210.14087.

  2. Kempf-Ness covariant and reduction theory. (In preparation)

  3. Effective enumeration of quartic number fields. (In preparation)


  1. Primitive quartic number fields of absolute discriminant at most 109.
    Data: Zenodo:7254825.
    Code: HAL:03879661.

Other documents

  1. Curriculum vitæ.

  2. Research statement, describing my thesis work and its scientific context, as well as new prospects.